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Frequently asked questions

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Tenants of Go Apartments 070 have quite a few facilities available.

  GO 070
Study area free
Roof top Lounge free
TV optional
WIFI private service costs
WIFI collective service costs
Service Officer service costs
Miele Laundry Boutique per use
Bring Me Parcel service service costs
Area of People Community APP service costs
Share cars per use
Wall finish included
Flooring included (SMALL STUDIO'S)


The purchase of your own washing and drying equipment is not necessary in Go Apartments 070! A handy laundry room on the ground floor is for shared use by tenants and is managed by Miele Laundry. Payment is made per washing or drying cycle via a handy payment app. The costs are € 2.50 per wash and € 1.50 per drying.

Below an impression of a Miele Laundry (from another location).

All tenants can use the spacious and closed bicycle shed. For car owners, parking spaces in a closed parking lot near the building are available for rent.



The area around Go Apartments 070 is undergoing substantial development and will develop into a lively residential area with all amenities in the vicinity and within cycling distance of the city center of The Hague. Scheveningen beach is 8 km away.

A new building will be built right next to Go Apartments 070 in the future. You can get a first impression of this on the basis of our impressions.


First of all, you must register and take an interest in the desired house. Then we guide you through the registration module and it shows which steps you have to follow, such as uploading relevant documents.

How does this work?

  1. Go to your personal login environment. No personal account? Sign up here.
  2. Go to 'Online registrationform' for the medium and large apartments or 'Online registrationform Studio's' for the studio's
  3. Fill in the complete form, upload the required documents and submit your form

The finishing of the houses differs per type of house and can be found in this finish schedule.



Where grilles in the frames or heat recovery systems used to provide ventilation, climarads are installed in these apartments. A climarad ensures the supply of outside air and the discharge of the used indoor air.

The apartments have the so-called B-fans / Minibox in the bathrooms and / or toilets, and the Sensa V2X in the living room. In addition, in some apartments there is an S-fan in the bedroom.

Below an impression of the vertical Sensa V2X and the square S-fan

Sensa V2X                                                                                   S-Fan

You rent for a minimum of two years from the commencement date of the renthal agreement. The agreement is tacitly extended to a renthal agreement for an indefinite period. The notice period is one full calendar month.


Yes, service costs will be added to the rental price. 

The service costs below are advances per month per housing type. At the end of the year, a settlement takes place based on actual costs incurred

  Studio Medium Large
Advance water, gas, electricity                € 61          € 89            € 114     
Advance service costs € 67 € 67 € 67
Advance total € 128 € 156 € 181


A very complete package of services and services is provided. In addition to the general costs such as cleaning, maintenance of the roof terrace, cleaning, electricity, water, glass insurance and other costs for the common areas, internet is also supplied to all residents with 500 MB of upload and download via fiber optic connection.

The tenant can optionally take out a TV channel package at an additional cost. As a tenant, you do not have to take out your own internet and TV subscription.

In addition, Bring Me package boxes are available.

The costs for the use of the washing machines and dryers are charged directly to the occupant upon use, these costs are not included in the service costs

As an example, we have calculated the savings per month for a medium-sized apartment

And even better, you get many more services!

At the start of the lease, the following costs are still for the account of the tenant: nameplate costs and any costs of the housing permit. As a tenant you also have other fixed costs, such as municipal taxes.

Yes, when concluding a renthal agreement, we ask for a minimum of 2 months rent as a deposit for tenants who are employed. For self-employed, the deposit is at least 3 months rent. The requested deposit may deviate in response to the documents supplied. You will receive the deposit back when the house is transferred at the end of the rental period in accordance with the agreement and without rent arrears.

Register and upload documents

Step 1: Login to your personal environment.

Step 2: Click on Digital registration form Studios or Medium and Large Apartments.

Step 3: Give your housing preferences and details definitively and add the requested financial and personal documents and sign the form.

Which documents do we need from you? That depends on your personal situation, click through to the required documents.

Please note: it is only possible for the Studios to rent with a guarantor if you cannot meet the income requirements yourself. In that case, the guarantors must submit a 2019 tax return.

For the Medium / Large apartments it is not possible to rent with a guarantor.

Step 4: When we have received the necessary documents from you and the registration period (9 September 2020 at 12:00) has closed, we will try to allocate a home (provisionally). We do this on the basis of your stated living preferences, the number of preferences per home, the data entered, the income and possible other data that are important for this project. You have the option to accept or reject the property.

Step 5: After acceptance of the property, we will ask you to provide additional documents. These documents therefore only need to be submitted after you have been assigned a home from us. After receipt of these additional documents, we will further assess your file (creditworthiness, completeness of file, compliance with the income standard) and your message whether the file is complete and approved.

PLEASE NOTE, a housing permit is required for almost all apartments. This permit is issued by the municipality of The Hague and checks whether the income matches the rent. You are responsible for obtaining this permit. You can start the permit application with a signed rental agreement. So for now it is important to check the different criteria on the website of the municipality. [link] below


Step 6: If your file has been approved by the rental team, we will assign the property to you definitively and send you the rental contract. Unless stated otherwise, you will receive the rental contract by e-mail and you can sign it digitally. If you cannot resolve this, you can of course always contact the rental team.

Step 7: Now you have to wait until your home is delivered and you can receive the key. You will receive the final date of delivery from us on time.

We strive to make the rental process as smooth as possible. By digitally processing your data, we can be faster and more efficiently of service. You can organize everything yourself from home. Naturally, we are also happy to assist you personally and we'll help you, both digitally and personally.

Coever Vastgoed collects and processes your data when you visit our website and/or register for a rental home trough our website. We process personal data in order to fulfill our obligation as a landlord and to carry out our activities as well as possible, in accordance with the applicable legal obligations. Want to know more? Read our privacy statement on this website.

When uploading the documents, you must remember that on all documents you mention 'Copy dated [current date] for GO 070'. Also remove your citizen service number on all documents (payslips, annual statements, tax returns, etc.). We only request documents that apply to your work, study and living situation. You can only upload PDF, PNG and JPG files with a maximum size of 32MB. Provide clearly readable PDF files. If a document consists of multiple pages, merge them into one PDF. The delivery of documents trough email or hard copy by post is unfortunately not possible.

Rental conditions and income requirements

Click here for our rental conditions. It is important that the housing permit of the City of The Hague applies to most homes within the plan.

The studios are only suitable for one-person households. The medium and large apartments are suitable for two-person households. For this you have to form a sustainable household with your partner (family situation or partnership). It is not possible to live in these apartments as home sharers/friends.

Assume your monthly income x 12 and add any fixed allowances such as holiday pay or a fixed thirteenth month.

Upload the employer's statement/proof of income from the work that accounts for most of your income. Does this income not yet meet our income requirements? Then upload other payslips in the same field or at the bottom of the upload screen.

It is only possible at the Studios (type A, B, C) to rent with a guarantee from (one of the) parents. For the other apartments it is not possible to rent with a guarantee from someone who does not live in the house and with whom you do not run a sustainable household.

Housing permit

For all Studios and Medium studios & apartments (housing types A1, B1, B3, B4, B5, C1, D1, D2, E1, E2, E3, F1) and some Large apartments (residential types G1, G2, Hi1, H2, I1,  K1,  N1, O1, O2, P1, P2, P3) a housing permit is required.

No housing permit is required for some Large apartments (type M1).

For more information about the conditions for obtaining a housing permit, please refer to the website of the City of The Hague

A housing permit must be requested from the city of The Hague.

Housing benefit

Applying for housing benefit is only possible for the housing types A1, B1, B3, B4, B5, C1 and if you only rent (1 person) For further information about applying for housing benefit, we refer you to the website of the tax authorities